St. Peters Home

Join St Peter’s Episcopal Church Detroit on Sunday mornings:
10:30 a.m. service, 11:30 a.m. potluck.

St. Peter’s is…

Beloved community. We are a welcoming, inclusive, Episcopal/ecumenical/earth-based congregation that practices communion as neither pretty or perfect but open to all of us to show up as we are.  We are participatory, active, loving, and committed to the often uncomfortable challenges of inner and communal spiritual growth.

Place-based. We consider ourselves citizens of Detroit and neighbors in Corktown. We intentionally offer our space to community-based organizations who fight racism and its systemic manifestations.  We read scripture through the lens of our current moment and location. We practice hospitality to our neighbors and fellow citizens. We understand all this to be a critical part of our work as a church.

Called to social justice. We hear God’s call to us outside of St. Peter’s walls. We believe involving ourselves in the fight for justice is spiritual work. We gather at rallies, vigils, protests. We hold trainings and risk arrest, and consider it church. We are called to speak truth to power, we are called to solidarity. We strive to walk this path together and build beloved community.

As we consider our next chapter, we reflect on our history, our future, and the spirit of we who call ourselves St. Peter’s.

“Anything can happen here, there is a freedom to be who I am.”