About the Pastor

  Bill Wylie-Kellermann is a United Methodist pastor under appointment to St Peter’s since 2006. A nonviolent community activist, teacher and writer, his ministry extends in a number of directions.
Bill Wylie-Kellermann A Contributing Editor for Sojourners Magazine, author of Seasons of Faith and Conscience: Reflections of Liturgical Direct Action (Orbis, 1991; Wipf &Stock, 2009) and editor of A Keeper of the Word (Eerdmans, 1994) he has recently served as series editor for the republication of William Stringfellow’s works. He is co-founder of Word and World: A Peoples’ School, and is adjunct faculty at the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education in Chicago, as well as Marygrove’s MA in Social Justice and Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit. His writing and teaching are most often framed by a theology of the powers.In Jesus, he bets his life on the gospel of non-violence, good news to the poor, Word made flesh, and freedom from the power of death.Bill is father to two amazing young women: Lydia and Lucia.

Selected Articles

Protesters Assemble to Denounce Emergency Manager Law and Media Apathy

Bury the Dead; Stories of Death and Dying, Resistance and Discipleship

William Stringfellow: Essential Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters)

Looking for Real Justice

Basketball: In Courts Divine

In One Another’s Light: Reading King and Stringfellow

Giving Voice: A poem for Daniel Berrigan

Harry Potter and the Principalities

Detroit: Resurrection City

Resurrecting Ethics: Three Works of William Stringfellow

Unholy Alliances: John Wesley and the Global Economy

Was Detroit Priest Murdered? Jazz Opera Tells the Story

Sojourners articles

Witness Magazine articles



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