Corner Shower Laundry

Here is a story about a manna meal homeless guests 

During St. Peter’s Sunday service a manna meal homeless guests, let’s call him John, had a seizure during service. Many manna meal guests come to send a service for fellowship, food after service and to use the bathroom for hygiene.  Sunday is the day the manna meal is not open. Thus approximately 15 people come every Sunday as part of the worship service but also have their Sunday meal in a potluck fashion sitting with the St. Peter’s congregants who they now consider friends.

During Sunday service John had a seizure. The service stopped and one of the parish congregants is a nurse. She helped John go on his side and get through the seizure. When he came out of the seizure he didn’t realize he had one and he asked when the potluck would be starting and thank people for helping him. He walked down between the pews and people noticed that he had urinated on himself during his to seizure. There were at this point there was no longer shower service available so a grown man has indignity to have the public know he peed in his pants.   Suddenly he feel again hit his head on a pew and had a second seizure. The seizure was very strong lasted about 15 minutes and took a toll on John. He was very shaken, disorientated and sweating after this second seizure. He wanted to take off his boots for some reason. Upon taking off boots and socks you could see that he had only stubs as feet.  The nurse thought he had lost his toes because of diabetes common among homeless. However manna meal volunteer who also attend St. Peter’s said that he lost his toes due to frostbite during the winter prior.   Eventually he was able to join the fellowship for potluck and have his meal, with wet pants, smelly and dirty socks, and with the smell of a person who hasn’t taken a shower in months.    About two weeks later,   I asked where John was because he was not at Sunday service, another manna meal volunteer shared that John was in the hospital and they had his legs cut off. He had gangary spreading out through his legs since the scores of his toes were never really properly cared for, nor cleaned the infection spread up his legs.  If the corner shower laundry service was functioning at that time John’s legs would could have been saved. There would’ve been access to clean socks, soap and water for his wounds and people to surround him to get the care he needs.   John story propelled the corner shower laundry project to be founded to give up grown man pride and dignity and to reduce the health care costs on society.

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7:00am-11:00am Manna Community Meal (at the red door)

7:00am-11:00am Manna Community Meal (at the red door)