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Pastor-in-Charge Job Description

For decades St. Peter’s has ordered its life around three interconnected ways of being in relationship with Creator, Creation and all created beings:

  • Worship
  • Welcome
  • Witness

Therefore the duties of the pastor can be largely ordered around these areas and the leader of St. Peter’s should come in with a passion for these matters and should look for ways to marshal the talents of members to address these matters.

It is important to note both the interconnectedness of these areas and their depth. Worship includes much more than a Sunday liturgy; many forms of witnessing are forms of prayer. Welcome signifies a radical hospitality, not a handshake at a door.  Welcome includes reminding all that they remain welcome and supported through pastoral care. Welcome also means being approachable and hospitable to those who are not be members of the congregation. Witness means, among other things, a willingness to engage, both personally and as a community, in the issues of the day facing people, especially marginalized people, who live and work in Detroit and the Detroit region.   


Worship and liturgy

  • Lead the liturgy committee in planning weekly worship services based on the liturgical year.
  • Lead services as appropriate.
  • Prepare and offer homilies each week except for when other arrangements have been made.
  • Coordinate musicians or other worship leaders and assistants.
  • Provide for baptisms, marriages, funeral, and new member services.
  • Coordinate special services, like Taizé chant, in season, Homecoming, Bishop’s Visitation, or collaborative services with Catholic Worker, Detroit Peace Community, nearby congregations.
  • Ensure that all liturgical elements are in order: sacristy, sacramentals, seasonal altar cloths, linens, candles, scripture leaflets, service records, etc.


  • Work with the worship committee to make prayer services welcoming through such things as using inclusive language,  diversifying music, and accommodating those having difficulty participating.
  • Work with the building committee to make the space as comfortable and accessible as possible.
  • Attend and encourage the weekly potluck following worship.
  • Be accessible to people both within and outside of the St. Peter’s community.
  • Act as an ambassador and represent St. Peter’s in Diocesan and community events.
  • Actively look for ways for members to use their gifts and talents in furthering St. Peter’s mission.  Make it clear they are needed and welcome.
  • Offer pastoral care as needed. Hospital, birth and bereavement, and home visitation.
  • Keep a close relationship with Manna Meal staff and recognize Manna Meal guests as guests of St. Peter’s.


  • By Word and example, invite the community to live the Gospel of Jesus’ shalom.
  • Maintain relationship with outreach programs in the building.
  • Make the church available for new service ministries (We have become a water distribution station; are considering sanctuary).
  • Maintain relationship with movement and social justice organizations.  Deepen those relationships over time.
  • Communicate closely with the vestry as you feel particular social justice issues are calling for your personal attention or St. Peter’s involvement.
  • Organize and offer bible study, book studies, educational series, regularly or by season, that deepen participants knowledge and commitment of their relationships with their Creator, Creation and other created beings.
  • Welcome and organize cultural events…like speakers, concerts, spoken word, art builds

Administrative Duties

  • Chair the vestry and collaborate with first warden in setting agendas.
  • Participate in Building committee and oversee building use by outside groups.
  • Participate in finance committee, building budgets, investing funds, signing checks, receiving income from plate and rent and grant for deposit, arranging fiduciary agreements, overseeing bookkeeper.
  • Write or facilitate grant proposals (diocesan council, trustees, United Thank Offering, Buck dinner, UAW, etc.).
  • File or insure filing of: corporation papers, tax forms, grant reports, parochials, audits.
  • Oversee Building Manager and relationship with tenants.

This position is seen as starting at half time, in accordance with the Episcopal Diocese salary standards.  If, as is hoped and planned, the church grows in membership and financial stability, it is the intention of the vestry to increase the time and compensation to eventually be a full time position.

There is also a housing allowance. The pastor in charge will have a monthly discretionary fund. The vestry is flexible as to how the total salary and benefit package is structured.

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