St. Peter’s celebrates ties to:

Detroit Conference of the United Methodist Church (
The vision of the Detroit Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church is to create and nurture dynamic and fruitful congregations who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan (
We are a diverse group of 80 congregations and two chaplaincies in Southeast and Central Michigan.
Come and take a look at who we are.

Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (
The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) promotes awareness of, commitment to, and advocacy for human rights through education, community organization, and action. MCHR opposes forces that suppress human dignity, freedom, and justice locally and around the world.
Jeanie Wylie Community (
We are an intentional community living together in Southwest Detroit, born out of the Catholic Worker tradition and focused on a reality of shared humanity. We journey together on the path toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world, mindful of the work done and struggles endured by the Cloud of Witnesses who went before us.
Day House Catholic Worker (
The Catholic Worker Movement is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person. Today 213 Catholic Worker communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and foresaken. Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms.  The Detroit Catholic Worker puts out a regular paper, On the Edge.  View the most recent here
Detroit: City of Hope (
Detroit: City of Hope is an evolving communal vision that calls Detroit into a place where humanity lives with purpose and dignity. As a collaborative organism, Detroit: City of Hope makes opportunity to see, to participate, to invigorate, to create the ground of peace where people find ways to share their highest selves. We see Detroit with our hearts as well as with our eyes. It is through the shared intimacy of seeing hope and learning to walk together – beyond the constraints of deprivation, alienation, in-difference and distrust toward the place where hope lives and will not die, because we will not, can not, surrender – that we discover our connections as human beings. Through our collective experience we evolve our testimony of Detroit that becomes a record for others to bear witness to how diverse people can see past madness into hope and healing.
Ecumenical Theological Seminary (
Ecumenical Theological Seminary (ETS) is an urban-based accredited seminary in the heart of the City of Detroit.  Our location is not only geographic, but theological as well. We are committed to work out our calling at one of the most difficult and promising epicenters of American identity. In bringing together members of Detroit’s various religious communities in an ecumenical learning environment, ETS simultaneously addresses questions of spiritual nurture and social justice, traditional confession and cross-cultural innovation.
  Spirit of Hope (
We are Spirit of Hope, a people living lives of hope and love in our city as followers of Jesus Christ.  Rooted in our Detroit neighborhood, Spirit of Hope is a Christian community re-named and re-established in 2006.
  People Before Banks (
We are a coalition of faith communities, organized labor and local groups fed up with the way banks are treating our neighbors and neighborhoods.
We are guided by our conviction that housing and decent working conditions are human rights that should not be subordinated to predatory banking policies.
  Narcotics Anonymous (
Narcotics Anonymous offers regulars meetings and support.

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