Peace & Justice Hive

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St. Peter’s Episcopal Church at Michigan and Trumbull represents a deep history, offering home and hospitality to ministries and organizations in our city with a commitment to justice.  In the last three decades we have been home or incubator variously to COTS (the Coalition on Temporary Shelter), WARM Training Center, Freedom House (then the Detroit –Windsor Refugee Coalition), Alternatives for Girls and most recently, Young Detroit Builders.  These organizations have been true blessings to St. Peters, to our neighborhood, and to the city of Detroit.

Today our Parish Hall/Office Wing has a new vision wherein these offices would become a beehive of organizations serving justice and peace in the city. Can you imagine it? Where the organizations benefit and synergize one another, where shared economies are formed, conversations and alliances created, and support in the organizing can happen. The possibilities are rich – shared libraries, shared office equipment, perhaps a shared shop. This space is ready and willing for new tenants to be imagined, birthed, welcomed. We invite you to join us.

We have office and meeting space large and small.  Costs range starting at $150 a month which includes wireless internet, heat, and utilities. If you or another organization you know, would be interested having a walk through or learning about costs, please contact Tommy Airey at or 949.842.9503.


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